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The Amistad Research Centre

The source material that has provided a jumping-off point for our research, abolitionist Hiram Wilson’s letters,  came to us via the Amistad Research Center. The Amistad Research Center, based out of Tulane University in New Orleans.

The Amistad Research center can find its roots in the American Missionary Association, which emerged from a group of abolitionists called The Amistad Committee.  The Amistad Committee was a collection of abolitionists who came to the defense of the African slaves revolted against the crew on the ship. The AMA later became an inter-racial organization committed to equality, that contributed to the founding colleges such as Fisk University, Dillard University and others.

Following the WWII, the Amistad research center set up a race relations department at Fisk University. After several moves throughout the years, the Amistad Research Centre was moved to Tulane University in 1987, where it remains today.

 As well, the Amistad Research Center provides a wealth of primary sources for researchers, including photos, letters, diaries from a variety of ethnic minorities and the United States.About 90% of the resources at the research centre focus on the experiences of black Americans, but the other ten percent focuses on other ethnic minorities.

The Amistad Research also has a blog that is updated regularly, which can be found here

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Research at Oberlin

One of our first hands-on experiences with the practice of history was at the our trip to Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin College is important to our research because the archivist at the College provided us with the primary source documents for our research and transcription purposes. Our class’s relationship with the Oberlin College Archives is a reciprocal one, as they provide us with the documents for our research purposes and in turn we aim to provide them with accurate, completed transcriptions.

This is a good example of how historiography works. Uncovering the past does not just occur in isolation, rather it is a collaborative effort in the community of historians. The work accomplished completed provides a foundation for not only our research into the life of Hiram Wilson and the abolitionist movement in Southern Ontario and Northern Ohio, but future research as well.

The following photos are of the History 3801 class at the Oberlin College Archives.

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