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Our Visit to Oberlin College: Our Tour

 On our trip to Oberlin in the fall, as well as visiting the archives, we had an opportunity to tour the the campus and surrounding area of Oberlin. This tour was a great starting point to our research, and provided a great opportunity to learn about the abolitionist roots of Oberlin College. We learned about such prominent figures as that contributed to the foundation of the college and seminary such as Charles Finney and John Mercer Langston.

A plaque explaining Oberlin’s abolitionist past.

The monument commemorating the Oberlin Wellington Rescue of the slave John Price.

A plaque commemorating those who assisted in the rescue of John Price.

Clark Bandstand at Tappen Square, a Square named for the 19th century abolitionist Charles Tappen.

The famous “Reading Girl” statue at the Mudd Library. She even has has her own blog!

The Little Red Schoolhouse at Oberlin College, the oldest building at Oberlin. Built in 1837, it’s current location is the fourth place it has been moved to.

This is just a small sample of our tour at Oberlin. In addition to posting other content, we will continue to post more pictures of our trip to Oberlin. As well, look for our Black History Month, starting tomorrow and continuing every Wednesday for the month of February.

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